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For over 60 years, Lubrication Engineers, Inc has been committed to developing the world's finest lubricants. This has been achieved by combining the best paraffinic and synthetic base oils with proprietary additive technology to offer the highest possible level of performance. Designed to exceed the specifications and capabilities of ordinary commercial grade products, Lubrication Engineers problem-solving lubricants will increase your profitability by providing:

  • Longer equipment life: less capital expenditures
  • Extended service intervals: reduced lubricant consumption
  • Improved reliability: less unscheduled downtime
  • Reduced energy consumption: less friction losses
  • Environmental advantages: facilitate ISO 14000 implementation

Lubrication Engineers of Canada is proud to have represented the Lubrication Engineers brand in Canada for more than 20 years through an established distributor network across the country. The mission of the company is to become Canada’s leading source of premium lubricants and auxiliary equipment by exceeding customers’ expectations in product performance, technical support and client care. Click here to continue reading.

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